Take in mind when reading this that I am in no way a professional critic of music or sound in any way, shape, or form. However know that when hearing the sounds of Blackbird Blackbird, as well as those of the wisely chosen group of artists who contributed remixes to the Hawaii single that you don’t have to be to enjoy it. Each remixer brings their own various style and flavor to the table allowing for a wide range of listeners to find something to get into and grasp onto.

The single seems to effortlessly walk the fine line of hipster cred vs. pop stardom perfectly. This is absolutely Chillwave/Dreamwave/Dream pop and at the same time doesn’t leave anyone feeling left out for not being cool enough to get it. Lush synth work and a smooth and subtle lyrical voice push and drive the single along and leave your head nodding just enough.

Sunvisor’s remix takes an even more laid back approach giving it an italo disco spin. Everything seems slowed down but the overall tone is larger due to some great layers added one over the other and the drums are kicked up a notch giving them a little more punch.

On the flip side of the coin Niva takes things in more of a Balearic direction. An added four four beat gives it a solid foundation for being played out to a dancefloor and there is a really solid breakdown shifting things into an electro breakbeat at around the 2:30 min mark that is executed perfectly.

There is also another very lush and laid back remix provided by Teen Daze that you can hear via the Teen Daze tumbler found here if that is more your speed. It also features the four four but at a slow chugging pace built for melting into your favorite chair while tuning in on headphones letting it take you away.


All in all I found it impossible to choose a favorite as each version of the song is great in it’s own way. A very welcome group of contributions that I am happy to share and hope you will enjoy.

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