Recently I am finding myself falling in love with a certain paced musical sound I like to call a Slow Chugger. There are plenty of these sort of songs to use as a reference such as Cerrone’s Call Me Tonight with it’s sure it’s Disco, but it’s a sexy Disco sound floating around out there. While this seemed to be the smooth music made perfectly for romance I had no idea someone would come along and blow my mind with a track like Star Slingers – Slow ‘N’ Wet. This one track has led me searching for more like it and I hope there are plenty of others for me to find.

The first comparison I was able to make was with Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love. I was drawn right away to it’s even slower pace and hip hop like bassline and there are just enough subtle touches to keep it interesting even though the track itself seems so minimal. Bliss filled waves ebb and flow throughout laid perfectly over the head nodding bass beats to create a very soul filled mixture of modern textures and sounds. Hopefully you will agree with me and help lead me to more things like it.

Don’t let this one little obsession of mine turn you away from looking into his other tracks like his recent remix for Fiveng’s Jonah as well as one hell of a mixtape that has summer good times written all over it. There isn’t a bad track in the bunch and I for one can’t wait to hear more of what he will tempt our ears with.

Plenty of other info on the artist here as well if you are interested