The new single from Ghost Animal was dropped on their tumblr recently for both preview and download and man is it something great. Still keeping the low fi intensity of their previous efforts, they manage to take things in an entirely different direction. The track reminds me a lot of both Big Black’s cover of The Model as well as many things The Dead Kennedys did and neither of those is a bad thing. Rollicking rock n roll with a loud brash vocal that only a mother could love.

I’m liking the fact that this little two piece isn’t afraid to branch out and try new things. If the song might rock or things fit into place just right you can bet they will give it a go.  If you haven’t had a chance to hear his other previous singles or eps be sure to click the bandcamp link as their are plenty of things available there to check out.

Ghost Animal – In Shrouds (From their Mediafire)

Have a look at the tumblr as well as these other sources of Ghost Animal info. Word on the street is their live shows are something not to be missed so get out there if you are in the area when they play.