I first stumbled on Evenings via twitter and just happened to check out his bandcamp not too long ago. When I did there were two tracks up and a promise that the full 5 track North Dorm ep was going to be released soon. Naturally I liked what I heard then and after hearing these traded remixes/collaborations with RxRy I know I was glad to get in early. I personally thought both artists were naturals to be working with each other and after you hear the two tracks I think you will agree.

First up is RxRy’s take on Evening’s track Babe. I had already posted that the 5 track North Dorm ep was great make out music and so are the remixes. While being a minimal and relaxing track the one thing that drew me to this was that it seemed to carry with it a lot of emotion without having to express that emotion through lyrics. The melody glides and slides throughout with subtle hums and just a tad of percussion. At around the 2:30 mark a somber hum carries the track to its end letting go slowly as you would with that make out kiss.

Evenings take on RxRy’s – Thunder/Language is similar in that it too is a very minimal yet emotional track. It starts out very quiet and simple leading into percussive taps and preparing you for the layers that will slowly unfold throughout. A laid back bass tone and light clapped snare push it forward until the bassline comes in at around the two minute mark. Then there is the breakdown taking it all apart a minute later before coming together again like a wave to another ebb before sending you out floating on until the end.

I honestly rarely find myself interested through full instrumental tracks and when I do it takes something a little extra to keep me pulled in which both of these tracks have. Two very talented artists coming together as a unit to create two gorgeous lingering tracks perfect for a warm summer night.

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RxRy (Pronounced Rex Ray)