Considering that it’s both 2am and I am on my lunch hour there isn’t really a more appropriate time for me to speak a bit about something fresh called Midnight Snacks from Young Montana. If you have heard his previous efforts such as Sacr Cool you know somewhat what to expect and at the same time have no idea what to expect.This is what I believe to be a steady progression in the sound of a developing artist and surprised me right away.

The vein of glitch hop is definitely spread throughout with smooth drum loops and a solid chopped and warped vocal that is both catchy and pleasing. The beats are top notch giving you a steady head bob rhythm perfect for bumping in your summer Jeep. A wobbly bassline drives you along to one hell of a vocal breakdown that allows a full passage of vocal to play and man is it smooth. If you can’t figure out why people are so excited about this scene I think this just may be the track that does it for you. If it does be sure to head over to his Soundcloud and have a listen or pick up his guest mix featuring this track and many others and spread the word. I know I will be.

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