I recently contacted Craft Spells to beg and plead for their permission allow me to use an image to go along with a post here and while a simple “hey sure save file as this” would have been more then enough they provided me with this great single cover to go along with and inspire this post. I think if you take a moment to view the look of pleasure on this young woman’s face and attempt to feel much that way yourself that you just might be ready to take in their new single Party Talk. Smokey, sultry, and lush would be the perfect description for it’s three and a half minutes.

From the moment that catchy guitar riff fires up and gets you going you know you are hearing something special. A simple yet effective drum beat kicks in fitting along perfectly with the slick bass line. A haunting vocal floats into your ears with meandering bell tones helping to bring the whole package together and you are off on a bliss filled ride. This alone would have been enough to have sold me, but at slightly after the one and a half minute mark they slide in a slick wavy synth line that can’t help but make you smile. This is a perfect track to set up my Friday night and I hope it helps out with yours as well.

Keep on the lookout for both a 7″ release of You Should Close The Door (which I keep in constant rotation in my personal playlist) as well as the EP Beauty Above All both scheduled for release any day now. Also if you click on the handy link for Party Talk you can download both the mastered version of the track as well as a remix that goes bump in the night.

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