Recently I was doing a little digging around Bandcamp and stumbled upon something reminding me somewhat of the recordings of Ariel Pink and obviously this isn’t exactly a terrible year to sound similar. It turned out that this S/T twelve tracker was by Arc Light from the fairly nearby town of  Albuquerque and available for download. I’ve given the album a few listens now and out of the twelve tracks available one really stood out to me being Reverb Mystic.

Just the word psychedelic normally has a chance at making me have a listen and this little track is just that. With it’s catchy peyote themed vocal and hypnotic background it drew me in right away leaving me in a haze. No big rock n roll drums, no deep groovin bassline, just one hell of a loop topped off by warped guitars coming together in a raw psyche masterpiece. Have a listen here and if you like what you hear be sure to visit Arc Light’s Bandcamp for more or his myspace to buy a physical copy for a mere $5 bucks.

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