There are so many things to talk about already it’s tough to manage, so I apologize if I’m spamming your feeds though believe me this one is well worth it. Which one am I talking about? The re-release of the already amazing Cliff from Edmonton’s Kumon Plaza. This was already something that I had an ear on after hearing Hans Kruger and his remix of Kiss Kiss Fantastic’s – Violet recently and there are plenty of newly added remixes and collaborations to tempt your ears here.

Included on the album you will get the full release plus Kumon Plaza’s remixes of Kiss Kiss Fantastic and GOBBLE GOBBLE as well as remixes of his tracks by COOLRUNNINGS and Tyler Butler. There are also two different versions of Hans Kruger featuring added vocals by The Joe and Franny from Jaded Hipster Choir on one and Jessica Jalbert on the other. All in all this makes for one really complete package with a little bit of something for everyone and I suggest you get over to the bandcamp and give this and the various projects from the contributors multiple listens right away.

Other Kumon Plaza and collaborator info found here

Kiss Kiss Fantastic



The Joe

Jaded Hipster Choir

Tyler Butler

Jessica Jalbert