I sat down with the nine remixes from rock.paper.scissors. yesterday evening and I have to say I’m very impressed. I think most would agree that the production in modern hip-hop has become somewhat stale with obvious star produced similar sounding beats and the retro 80’s sample here and there tossed in just for radio airplay boosts. While every now and then something will come along and surprise me like Kanye West coming out of nowhere with King Crimson or the production work of Flying Lotus, it just seems like beat making in general is afraid to tread new ground.

It was a breath of fresh air to hear the various works of Emay, Remot, and EOM who all add their own touches and twists to both well known and slightly lesser known hip-hop artists. Each of the remixes offers up a nice variation giving you a solid selection of laid back relaxing vibes, retro jazz cool, and head bobbing bass lines and drum beats. If it’s purely the vocal side you are after you can also take note in the new verses from Wax and 6th Sense.

The nine remixes here are just a small preview of things to come as they state that they will be working on a new project featuring other vocalists to incorporate over their well made beats. Keep an eye on this and pick up the remixes here you won’t be disappointed.

Bonus stream from Emay’s Karen O and the Kids remixes (also well worth the listen check it out.)

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Wax & EOM