I’ve taken a couple of days to take this one in before even trying to start to post about this remix after hearing it was on it’s way recently via smokeDONTsmoke‘s Twitter feed. Needless to say I was excited and waited patiently knowing that both artists are already acts to watch. I couldn’t wait to see what a collaborative effort between the two would sound like after the many great collaborations already released this year. While riding the wave of positive reviews of both the 3 track Africa EP from Golden Ages as well as numerous already amazing remixes and Ghost Animal’s recent In Your Room EP and the anxiously awaited Summertime In Heaven cassette release could have easily carried both acts directly onto everyone’s buzz radars, the coming together of both acts can only cement them firmly into my and what I can only imagine to be almost absolutely many others end of the year singles lists.

The original was already more than edgy enough on its own with it’s California hazed sounds and heartbreaking lyrics about a young man’s overdose and the Golden Ages touches on the track are nothing if not spectacular. Right away you know something great is coming as the first notes swirl in. A heavy bass drum thump falls out of this mist at a steady heartbeat like pace and begins to crawl. Then come the guitars reminding you that this is a lo-fi remix just before the vocals come in to shatter your heart. I promise that after just one listen you will find yourself seeking out as much as possible about both artists if you haven’t already and I stress you to track down and purchase both the Summertime In Heaven cassette on Summer Time In Hell and the In Your Room EP from AMDISCS and the Tradition EP on Indiecater Records while you wait with the rest of us for the next full length release from Golden Ages.

You can find both the original and the remix here and other info on both artists here

Ghost Animal




Golden Ages