If there is one description other than summer magic for the Marsh ep released on Amdiscs July 23rd I believe it just might be perfect pop. Seems like the first time I heard from unouomedude was via Get Off The Coast back in May and I have been keeping up with each release ever since. Once I saw this little yet amazing five track ep pop up on bandcamp I rushed over quickly to snag it up and get my ears on it. Much as I expected each and every track was a slice of lime in a drink on a sunny day just waiting to soundtrack the rest of my summer.

Even though I live in middle of the desert I can’t help but but feel the sand under my feet and the waves gently tickling my toes as this plays. From start to finish Florida’s Uno manages to create a sound similar in technique to many other artists floating around in the same sea while remaining an island all to himself. Tiny bits of Calypso weave in and out amongst hand clap snares. A relaxed vocal lays a towel down next to a jangling guitar and motions you to grab another beer out of the cooler. Each and every track holds his style firm while giving you plenty of variation to warm your ears with.The one and only  negative to thing to say about this ep it’s that it’s short and sweet, however this will only leave you yearning for more of your summer love affair and there is nothing negative about that. Fall in love with the Marsh ep here and don’t miss out on the Nightlight single while you are there.

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