I received this in my box the other day and wasn’t sure what I would be in for. Never having heard the artist before, I turned it on and was immediately greeted with a pulsing organ swath that only further piqued my interest. As the organ sang on for the next minute or so I really wasn’t prepared for what would follow. Light tapping drum beats swirled in and a male voice rang out over almost somber key tones and I was almost immediately reminded of the old school vs. new school feel of Nite Jewel, however don’t let this make you think that Hunter John’s Universe doesn’t have  a sound all of it’s own.

This song was created not on a computer or midi, but with vintage instruments all played by one artist. As it moves through it’s five minutes it takes on a wide range of genres blended together into a fine and relaxing mixture of New Wave sounding backgrounds and hints of New Age or World Music sounding sections. (Not in the boring way mind you.) His voice is honest and calming and never overwhelms the listener fitting in well with the sounds-capes backing it.

I look forward to hearing the rest of the release titled Gazing Gazing which is set for release on both Vinyl and CD on August 27 on Goo Records as well as the previous EP titled Adventures. If you are lucky enough to live in either New York or Los Angeles you could also be treated to a listening party for the release. There is also a planned mini tour across the northern United States and Canada in the works that you should be on the lookout for.

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