I keep seeing the term Chillwave applied to the latest EP from New Jersey’s Com Truise and while I do believe that this term may be applicable to some moments such as the opening title track or Slow Peels the overall EP to me seems to be more of an experimental electronic album with a very large range of influences being blended together. He is able to weave seamlessly between Chill, Hip-Hop, and Italo sounds melding them together to make for a very solid seven track ride through the city at night.

One particular track in which I really took some interest in was BASF Ace in which he takes a very dark turn through ominous almost Giallo soundtrack like textures and interweaves them with break beat drums to form a wobbly yet melodic masterpiece. The similar could be said about Norkuy in that it definitely wasn’t made for chilling. With a deep bass rumble and rising synth joining much harder edged drum beats that verge into Hip-Hop like break beats I can’t see how anyone could just label the overall EP that way. Komputer takes the Hip-Hop influence even further with its machine scratched fresh sample leading the way into a soul filled beat outro.

It isn’t that I don’t believe there aren’t Chillwave songs on the album. Sundriped absolutely oozes chill with it’s mellowed pace and bounce layered with echo handclaps. But to simply label the whole EP as Chillwave in my opinion is just lazy listening as there are many more elements to be found within. If you would like to pick up the entire EP which I suggest you do look here and keep and eye on this artist not afraid to shake things up and do something a little bit different.

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