After spending an evening with Miller Rodriguez aka Mickey Mickey Rourke I can firmly say that this young man is an intermediary to the spirit world. He has created a soundtrack for a psychotropic adventure you can take from the comfort of your own headphones. As you make your way through the twelve tracks of the M M R album you should feel changed and have a sense of realization that could only be found through entering a supernatural realm

The albums opener prepares you for the ingestion of his musical mescaline. A wild native affair that assaults the senses with tribal rhythms and voices singing from beyond this plane of existence. Just as you are ready to detach from yourself completely the dawn breaks with a slow acoustic guitar settling you into your exploration of yourself. As the album continues you will find many minor details within your headphones like subtle tapping percussion focused in one channel, or a calming falsetto voice to guide you through the musical miasma. Chimes will ring out and reflect and repeat against the corners of your mind urging you to look deeper and to detach yourself away from whatever may be plaguing your soul.

This is modern day psychedelic music at it’s finest. The echoing guitars plead you to come along on his vision quest sometimes leaving you listless and delusional or shifting to bring you into a panic filled fear as you come to some sudden realization that everything you know is wrong. As you reach the comedown of the album you should feel at peace in your discovery of something new and brilliant about yourself and the world around you. Reach out and take his hand here and enjoy your trip.

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