This song sounds to me like that time you were a seventeen year old guy with a crush on an eighteen year old girl that just happened to be your best friend. You go out to a show to hear your favorite band together only to find out that you are underage and tell her that it’s fine if she goes in alone. Standing outside you listen to as much of the show as possible through the walls of the venue. Things are slightly muffled but you know you are missing something special inside and you can hear bits of the vocals and the rhythm of the song sliding through the bricks. Two hours later after waiting to give her a ride home, she emerges with a member of the bands arm around her shoulder pushing past you to jump into their van and drive away. She turns one more time just to see if you are paying attention. Your eyes meet and the van drives away. Two weeks pass without a word and then the phone rings and she tells you she is leaving soon never to return. You never want to forget that last summer you two spent together and you never will.

Yung Life is the side project of Elliott White and Will Farner of COOLRUNNINGS and the duo also has a previous six song EP up on their bandcamp titled I Be Scared When I Be By Myself that like the COOLRUNNINGS output finds it’s niche through variation. While the underlying themes remain the same sonically, each composition takes on it’s own distinct flavor creating an EP that defies being pigeonholed into any one genre. The fact is they understand how to experiment and make great music no matter what the style they choose to take on may be. Check out both projects as well as the recent works of another member Brandon Biondo/Walsh, whose solo side project drips liquid synth and steamy breathed melodies like a monsoon. COOLRUNNINGS also has an upcoming tour in August to keep an eye on if you are lucky enough to live in one of the cities that they visit.

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