There is a record store clerk named Cults down at your favorite shop Twitter who is always in the know. Not too long ago you decided to stop in and ask some advice on new releases. She points cracking a smile while guiding you over gracefully to an album with a title that you have never heard mentioned by a band you never knew existed. You ask her what it is and she quietly whispers “This is the Guards EP by Guards”. You slip the dark vinyl record carefully out of the sleeve setting it down gently on the platter mat. Adjusting the headphones you look around you making sure no one is onto your secret. The record begins to spin and from the moment sound slithers its way through the wires making its way smoothly into your ears until the record begins to click politely asking you to play it again there is a broad grin across your face. You are onto something special and you have Cults to thank for it.

Guards are the faceless nameless band that has started an uproar after Cults mentioned being featured on their EP via their Twitter feed. Very little information has been found about them and yet there is a professional and precise approach to crafting pop music in each of the seven songs contained on their EP. It seems strange to me that virtually no one seemed to know they existed and while the music itself may be nothing wildly inventive there is no need for it to be. They have put together an absolutely shining seven track debut with just enough hook and twice as much cool as any fresh-faced rock n’ rollers could ever ask to. Blog darlings Cults and Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek make appearances on the EP contributing and seamlessly becoming interwoven parts of the band’s flawless debut. If you haven’t already found them on your own or by way of various other blog sources now is the time. You will want to be there before they begin to take flight.

Other Guards info found here (just kidding there isn’t any but the EP speaks for itself)

The also amazing Cults 7″ found here (Already sold out on Forest Family Records)