There are places that go unseen to the naked eye. Hidden away beneath nature’s architecture and man’s structured cities they are only reserved for those daring enough to search them out. Through tunnels, caverns, and sewer grates sounds emit themselves slowly rising up into the ether. They rattle the bones and quake beneath us wrapping themselves tightly around stalactites waiting to shamble out of cave mouths.

These are the sounds captured on WILLCAVE from Persona La Ave out now on AMDISCS . Dim lights shining to calm you in the darkness. The paired voices of Dylan Dawkins and Rachel Levy of Kiss Kiss Fantastic are heartwarming and fit together like two intertwined hands. The melody and synth tones meld together over fantastic percussion begging your body to sway. If you haven’t taken the time to hear this whether alone or with the one you love then you should light some candles and drift away to this soon.

Also be sure not to miss both the recently released SUUUMUUR SAMPLUUUR from Friendship Bracelet’s new Triple You Tapes label as there is a fresh track from Persona La Ave there and an upcoming cassette release from them entitled Brothers Was Taken. Kiss Kiss Fantastic also has a digital re-release of their debut EP The Red/Blue Shift on Summer Time In Hell that should not be missed. I for one can’t wait to see what other collaborations come from the Summer Time collective as time goes on as they all seem to bond well when creating together.

Persona La Ave ft Rachel Levy – WILLCAVE via AMDISCS

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