First up comes the sounds of Texas’ own Love Inks with their cover of David Essex’s – Rock On. Their self titled, self released 5 tracker was recently posted up on Bandcamp and the dual female voices laid over that classic bass line really works. The cover itself isn’t revolutionary but it absolutely does the song more than enough justice keeping that line intact and adding in a modern kick thump and hints of psychedelic guitar splendor. The dreamy vocals are what really sucked me into this as the pairs tones lay over each other perfectly and they have crafted a very fine 5 tracks well worth a listen as they feature those shining voices working in unison throughout. Keep an eye on them they are bound to be one to watch in upcoming months.

Next up another haunting female vocal from Tempe Arizona’s Camp Nightmare. This cover of The Pixies’ – In Heaven might be short in length, but it is full of hazed out cool. Very minimal and haunting as it progresses through the mere 1.41 with quiet toned down percussion and siren like south swaths cutting in near the end. The cover takes an almost Witch like sound turn and it makes for a clean preview of what might be to come from another artist who has very little info available. According to the Bandcamp the EP will be set to release in October and I’ll be returning to see how this acts own sound develops as should you.

I must take the time to say that I really enjoy the fact that artists are handing out less and less information about themselves. While it may make writing about the artists an almost mind numbing challenge (Do a google search for either of these acts and you will see what I mean) it seems to make anything written about the music itself. Without the where, when, and who are they affiliated with I think this allows us to keep a solid focus on the art they create and not about the information found in their recent PR campaign. If you say you are a music fan isn’t that what it is really all about?

Love Inks – Love Inks

Camp Nightmare – Camp Nightmare EP