There is a slightly broken disco ball in Boston. It was just left there. Slowly the panels started to fall out after years of bass drum thumps and hot sweaty walls and ceilings. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing that its age is showing. The lights just dance differently from the way they once did. Somewhere along the way after all of those plays and rewind requests of For Your Love and Last Dance new things took shape. Now the kids there just can’t stop requesting Save For Later and it’s because of this that the old disco ball will never stop turning.

Joseph Zucco better known as Teenage Reverb has created a slowed down disco workout with Save For Later. Like an old dusty album pulled from some abandoned crate you found in your parent’s basement this single calls out from the past while keeping its age hidden. The beat is laid over a slow flowing funk rework bass line that begs to destroy a hipster discotheque dance floor when dropped at just the right moment. The vocals are fun and innocent enough to gently tug you from your seat and send your hips swaying. The single itself breaks away from the majority of lo-fi sounds found throughout his debut Isolation Tape Night release recalling the funkier sounds of Under the Weather and shows us that while being very young Joseph has the potential to explore and create a variety of talent filled sounds for years to come. This is the rebirth of slick and before long you will know Teenage Reverb is cool like that.

His previous release was both on cassette through Warren Hildebrand of Foxes In Fiction’s Orchid Tapes and CD-R through Nightgull Records and he will have a new 7 track EP entitled Summit Demos coming out on August 5th through AMDISCS. Take a peek over at the Orchid Tapes site and snag up the recent Beko cs02  August compilation which you won’t regret as well and keep your ears open for more upcoming releases and remixes from Teenage Reverb like the one that he recently did for Blackbird Blackbird’s – Hawaii.

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