There was a wind blowing the dust in that day. I had been hired on to help set up the massive tents and was making my way toward the large metal coffee pot when I noticed him. An older gentleman in a wheelchair with an experienced grizzled face that had sat reading and watching us work all morning was waving me over. The lot was filling with cars and the men and women dressed to the nines slowly exited their vehicles making their way into the pews. I approached the man slowly leaning over and as I neared his face I heard him say “Is it time to start the revival?”

The latest preview of the upcoming EP out soon on AMDISCS from Brandon Biondo went up on his Tumblr recently and revival is a perfect description for it. He and Mat Cothran better known as the man behind Coma Cinema have come together to create something new out of older elements that sounds to me like The Jesus & Mary Chain in outer space. With thick distorted guitars and layer after layer of eighties inspired synth trickling out at just the right moments they have me chomping at the bit to get my hands on the entire EP. Just give this one listen and try to tell me it isn’t some of the finest synth work of the year when it gets to the 3 min mark. Get your hands on this and wait patiently with me for the entire EP.

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