Slowly we are getting closer to the release date of Mickey Mickey Rourke’s album Inner Gazing coming out on September 1st. After the review of his last release I was instantly made a fan of his hypnotic and very distinctive sound. After a hard night’s work it is tough to beat an album that allows you to detach completely from the world around you and after hearing this latest sneak preview I think the latest release will provide much the same feeling of relaxation and release. This is a creative artist making exploratory sounds and I think if you don’t get it right away that after multiple listens you will be absorbed.

First and foremost this is not speaker music. If you choose to play it that way then sure you will get to take in the overall sound of each piece, but you will miss a ton of subtle details that are captured only in headphone listens. The addition of Top Girls only adds to the dreamy haunting piece. Hums of static like sound move in and out like waves while voices slide from channel to channel drawing you further into the song. Tiny twinkle like noises join in the fray surprising you each time you hear them sneak in. Somewhere within the first couple of minutes I felt calm and had forgotten just how much work I had done. At four minutes the details take a moment off letting the vocal escape on its own to great effect then returns with a slick wobble and huge echos. I can’t wait to hear the full album as I am sure it will make for the perfect companion piece to any rainy down in the dumps day.

Also don’t forget next week that Miller Rodriguez and his partner in crime Lester Brown will be releasing their latest entitled Vision Quest which is also not to be missed. Look here for a sample of what to expect when these two artists come together and I know you will be interested in their hypnotic soulful sounds.

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