Kohwi is blowing everyone’s minds lately and recently there was a new track entitled Tides up on his Bandcamp after being featured in the latest The Road Goes Ever On mixtape. With each release I’m finding his style to be tougher and tougher to categorize and that only intrigues me more. With a multitude of blended elements he is creating some very unique and varied sounds. It is always nice to find an artist unafraid of making non similar sounding tracks with each release and Kohwi definitely avoids doing so.

There are a ton of different elements hiding within Tides. Guitars, keys and island like percussion all join together for a dance before phasing out into a psychedelic intro. A bass drum thud comes in to introduce the vocals which are softly sung and spaced out. Broken percussion taps along with the wobble before dropping a steady ready for the dance floor beat while dub sonar sounds lift themselves up and into the mix. All of these varied sounds come together to create a very catchy track that is unlike anything you have heard before and I can’t wait to hear more from this emerging artist whether it be new tracks of his own or another fine remix.

I suggest you head over to The Road Goes Ever On and pick this up via the Au Revoir, La Cote mixtape found there as you will also get another 17 tracks from equally talented artists to add to your collection along with it.

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