Stumbled on this while browsing Bandcamp and thought it was worth sharing. It confused me a bit with the opening percussion sounding similar to something Richard James would use. Out of the brash rigid beats however comes a slice of pure make out chill. This is lights down low, light a joint and some candles with your lover music. The light snare rim taps and pulsing beat pulls the track along. A slinking acidic synth strides throughout rising and falling while resting neatly under the silky smooth vocal and while the lyrics are minimal they say all that needs to be said.

I was unable to find much information on the artist however other than he appears to be from Des Moines and has also published a couple of other tracks via Myspace. I would like to see how this artist develops however as I think these tracks show promise and we could always use something else to melt away the everyday away while relaxing with a loved one.