Recently Fol Chen made their mesmerizing single into a freely available five track EP on their Bandcamp and you should be glad they did. The original itself was already an infectious track with a vocal sequence that will be stuck in your head for days. In the tradition of choosing amazing remix artists to give their spin on the track (see the Baths remix of In Ruins for example) they have quite the line up for this as well.

It features the dreamy very synth filled remix by Teen Daze whose version makes the most of that catchy vocal to the fullest and pumps a four four beat ready for the dance floor. Next in line is Primary 1 who takes things straight out into weirdsville with a haunting minimal rendition absolutely made for headphone drifting. FUR steps up next with a broken beat and hand clap to accompany quick stabs of chopped vocal snippets. Last but not least is the Hard Mix version with a swirling synth and night driving beat. Each of these artists seem to have very different spins on the track and to have this package available for free is a blessing. Snap this up while you can and get to digging if any of these artists aren’t on your radar already.

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