I finally had the chance to sit down and pop on some headphones while having a listen to the latest EP from Teenage Reverb called Summit Demos which was made available on AMDISCS on August 5th. When having a short preview the day it was released my immediate favorite was the final track Beach Witch with its lo-fi surf haze. After spending a couple of hours with it in my head however I can say I am very pleased with the various directions this seven track EP has taken.

Joseph Zucco is writing music well beyond his years. This can be seen right away in the EP’s strong opener Where Did The Summer Go? (666) with its slinking synth dripping over lo-fi vocals and warped and twisted turns. It’s a shame he will be returning to school and we will have to wait for more full lengths but at least he was willing to leave us this.

The EP moves through a few various shifts and styles as seen in the second tracks ambience making its way into Double Exposure’s slowed down thump thump thump clap beat and echoed through a cave vocal. Chill Kid pushes its way back into electronic atmospheric tones with deep bass wobbles and hand clap snaps riding waves of spaced out blips. Season 4 is a whisper in your ears through headphones making use of both channels and a low-level hum that emanates throughout warming you up for Vermont’s relaxed guitar, live drums and a very clear innocent sounding vocal that rises its sounds way up as it goes. Last but not least is Beach Witch with its surf stoner guitar and two minutes of hazed out rock. All in all the EP gives you multiple things to like about Teenage Reverb and if you don’t fall for a track right away give the next a listen as it won’t be anything like the previous.

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