I’m a little late to the party with my review of this album but I figure with the 7″ split release and this available as well as some new tracks and remixes being slowly handed out there is plenty to cover when speaking about San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird. I had heard a good number of singles and remixes from this album previous to its release and now that the full release is out I can absolutely say that Blackbird Blackbird has developed a sound all his own. A mixture of Chillwave and Dream Pop textures that are perfect to heal your summer heart. Sounding influenced while keeping its own identity in sound the album moves smoothly with catchy rhythms and dreamy silken vocals all dripping in twinkling swirling synths. You will also get a chance to hear Dreams I Create which was recently featured on the latest Beko Digital Singles Label mixtape if you haven’t had a chance to get over there and snag it which may very well be the albums stand out track. With so many solid singles to choose from however I think you will have as much trouble as I have in picking any sort of favorite. Also if you purchase the digital album from his Bandcamp you will receive the Sunvisor remix of Hawaii as well as a track featuring Neon Canyon and Blackbird Blackbirds cover of Modest Mouse’s Float On as bonus tracks.

Also recently got news that the split Blackbird Blackbird Pure/So Sorry Girl 7″ is out now on Double Denim records sharing sides with Pao Pao ft Prizes – Liberia which makes for two very solid sides of synth driven summer goodness. All three tracks on the 7″ are gems with great drum work and catchy hooks and melodies made for the dancefloor and enough laid back vibe for just a day at home relaxing.

As if all of this isn’t enough to give you a proper introduction to the sounds of Blackbird Blackbird you can also make a speedy trip over to his Tumblr and hear a fresh version of the first single Letting Go from his upcoming Rarities EP as well as the demo version and try to help him decide which version is the better of the two. Also be sure to check out his recent remix for Golden Ages – Be Cool while you are there doing your digging. I would hope after giving all of this a listen you like me will be converted into being a fan of a young prolific artist who has found his stride and continues to release great songs and remixes one after another.

Blackbird Blackbird – Letting Go Demo Version

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