It has been humid the past couple of days here in West Texas. The air thick with the smell of rain and the sun slow and lazy to come out is never something we desert dwellers are used to. While it is true that we are all adjusted to the heatwaves that so many seem to be going through it is rare we ever have the beach feeling of a place more tropical. Just a strong focused sun ready to shine down and melt away the shade leaving us nowhere to hide. When I do get the chance to enjoy a day warm and damp there is little better to soundtrack it then the laid back beats and vibes of Rimar Villasenor.

This track comes at you from a distance. A car slowly driving up with the windows down until the beat drops and those horns come in to remind you that you are on a vacation. It leaves you with a head nod and a hip shake as you wander your way out into the marketplace in search of something cool and fruit filled. None of the elements come on too strong. Just a relaxed blend of beats and tropical vibes to keep the sun off of your shoulders and a smile on your face. The entire collection provided on Bandcamp gives you quality and variety and this introduction to their sound should pique your interest enough to have a look.

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