This recent six track collaboration effort was posted up on Bandcamp to go along with the promotion of an upcoming show featuring these six artists in Los Angeles on August 17th. As you can see from the names on the cover there is going to be a definite buzz surrounding this performance and if you are lucky enough to be in the area and manage to get in I feel very jealous of you right now. Each of the six tracks were previously unreleased which makes the entire effort from the promotion of the show to the collaboration coming together something very new and appealing in its allowing the listener a preview of a show just a few days away and every track featured is a quality recording from talented artists.

Baths contribution is a relaxing affair full of bliss inducing out synth and rhythm filled break beats overlapped with quick electro stab beeps and a swirling catchy vocal line. Teen Daze follows with a choir chant like intro leading into a solid paced housed out groove that lets the vocals ring out as it continues to build before letting you down easy. Light Pollution has selected a heavily percussive affair with booming drums thundering against the softer elements of the track. Blackbird Blackbird’s track is an outright pretty electronic pop offering with strummed acoustic guitars and a slow steady driving beat. GOBBLE GOBBLE provides the most upbeat offering on the compilation with speedy bass drum thumps and that signature GOBBLE GOBBLE vocal sound that has been so catchy and captivating. Rounding out the six tracks Kites Sail High provides a very laid back and relaxed affair with a meaty hip hop like beat beating along while various elements shift and build underneath.

The show itself will be at 816 S. Santa Fe Ave. Los Angeles on August 17th and is an 18+ event costing only a mere $10 and if you take the time to listen to this I am more than sure that you will believe like me that the cost for the talent involved is a steal. Head over to the Bandcamp and pick up the whole EP here.

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