Slowly in the middle of a thick forest a tree begins to rise. Its branches part and reach for the clouds like a scared child chasing her mother’s dress. The animals gather in mass to watch with anticipation as nature takes her course. The tree continues to fight ahead stretching itself in a multitude of directions attempting to capture just one single cloud. The animals stare on wondering if that tree ever will.

In a recent dig through Bandcamp I stumbled upon this little 5 track EP from Cedar Senior a group who until now was new to me. The cover seemed interesting enough and even though I have honestly been on the hunt for something a little louder and more energentic I was instantly pulled into its relaxed almost dance like vibes.

The track I am posting about here stood out in particular to me, however do take the time to hear all five as they all have a bit of a different tone and while this one may not appeal to you something else on the Campsite EP may be more to your tastes. Endless Body begins with an empty ominous drone and I expected something very machine like to march in shortly after. I was surprised and excited once the comforting sample kicked in over a slow bass drum thump as an introduction to a very sudden shift in both pace and feel at just around the one minute mark. The vocals press the song along constantly shifting and wobbling through your headphones before the track teases you with a space synth that also shifts around from channel to channel. On a large sound system I’m sure this would could constantly dart around the room creating a great effect. Suddenly the ride is over somewhat surprisingly at the 3 minute mark and I was left wondering immediately what else the group may be up to. I wasn’t able to find much information on the group other than the five tracks available which  speak for themselves.

For the rest of the Campsite EP