There are things underlying in our subconscious just waiting for the right emotional response to trigger them. They move within us each day setting off small chemical reactions in our brains giving us little hints to their motives. It is tough to say what these hints may mean once pieced together forming a full and open picture. All we know is when these moments happen they are the moments that will define our lives in flesh for those are the moments we are no longer bound by it. We are all born with this inner rhythm and sometimes it just takes one small sound to remind us what lay underneath.

As you have seen with my previous posts dealing with Mickey Mickey Rourke I believe he makes music made to soundtrack these explorations into ourselves. His partner in crime Lester Brown does the same however they both do it at different angles. One pushes you to move away from the music while one draws you into its shifting rhythms and beat work. Once both come together you wind up with Mickey Brown. This fusion of artists is apparent in each track and neither seems to over influence the other throughout. Just a meeting of the minds sharing elements and blending their connected subconscious. While the dream like ethereal sounds of MMR remain they are tied together with funkier rhythms and more obvious percussive elements. At points the vocal take on an almost soul like tone giving the overall sound a new twist but never changing the parts you know well so much as to distract you from the whole. I think you will find it interesting to delve a bit into both artists solo work first and get a feel for them separately them give this a proper listen to see how both add their various touches. It makes for a great experiment in collaboration that fits seamlessly and effortlessly combines the talents of both artists.

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