There it was bearing down on me again. That gaping cavern of a mouth she used to push those screams toward me. I could see the motion of her jaw as her mouth opened and closed like an old rusted bear trap. It wasn’t the screams that caused the fear in me, though they did have the power to draw me in like a lost sailor trapped inside of a siren’s song.  It wasn’t the angry scowl she was able to make with jagged muscle movements. The one thing I feared the most while peering into that vast abyss of angry noise were the rows and rows of sharp shiny silver TEETH.

I was contacted by TEETH with a mention that their See Spaces 7″ would be released this Monday on Moshi Moshi Records and little known to them I have already been on top of their work for a few months now. The A side single See Spaces is a very slick mixture of synthesizer and female vocals backed with a rock n roll attitude. The steady thudding percussion drives the single along as it changes back and forth between various textures and breakdowns. The vocals push their way through the layers of sound driving the catchy lyrics firmly into your mind. This is one of the more addictive singles I’ve heard this year and instantly made me want to find more by the group.

The B side of the 7″ Time Changes opens much like a standard electronic dance track and I expected it to burst into something completely different once it kicked. When that kick came I was greeted with an almost punk like female vocal reminding me more of Riot Grrrl rock than the latest dance floor jam. Don’t let that stop you from dancing however as while the vocals may scream riot the song itself was made for movement.

The three-piece group from the UK also has plans for remixes of the track to be released soon from the likes of Aids-3D, Becoming Real, Dolby Anol, Dreamtrak, Jacob Safari, Shells, Visions Of Trees and last but not least my own personal favorite version of the track remixed by Hocus Tocus. Also I apologize for the very short warning but you have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Offset Festival by pre-ordering the 7″ so if you are in the area or would be able to make it you have until Monday to get those orders in.

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