I saw them early one morning draped in black moving in a hurried fashion toward that small crack in the rocks where the earth opened and the ocean spilled out. The sun hadn’t quite come up but I could see enough to recognize the electronic parts jutting forth from box after box as they carried them in. Some of the parts resembled some of my own. An elbow like joint or a mechanized pelvic bone. I would return here to watch them day after day as they continued to work. Each new dawn filled with more boxes being shuffled into the darkness. It was on the last day that they made that journey just as the sun was rising that I heard that robotic scream.

I received the upcoming album Athlete by Providence Rhode Island’s Λ due out on AMDISCS soon and have been blown away. It amazes me how many albums have come out in the past hand full of years that are just made for headphones and this is absolutely one of them. With a mixture of electronics Λ has created a dark yet relaxing album that will have you under its spell from the moment you lay your ears on it. Programmed drum beats begin and together with a very manipulated vocal they blend together with laid back electronic harmonies. Behind the technical wizardry is an album full of well written songs that will bleed their lyrics into your subconscious with a voice that is at times harmless and innocent and others grating and edged. I am anxious to see how this release will be received and if it and others similar will help spur a push toward the dark side of modern electronic music.

The full album is available free for download as a rar. via the group’s MySpace and you can also stream samples of the tracks there. Also if you missed the split 7″ with Dream Boat you can find that via No Modest Bear here.

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