The dust was kicking up in the distance as the Express rider made his way into my view through the small wooden room’s window. I had awoke early with a head swimming in whiskey and a heart drowning in despair. I could hear his footsteps downstairs just before the bartenders voice boomed each name calling us downstairs. I made my way down and took the letter. It wasn’t like the few I received over the course of the last three months. The scent of her perfume no longer lingered in between the folds of the paper. After reading it over and over again, I can’t help but stop asking myself why I didn’t know earlier.

From the strong opening militaristic marching drums to the patriotic firework ending Minneapolis’ Love Lake has crafted a single that should have you waiting in anticipation for the album’s release in September. Sneaking in just in time to help round out what has been a positive productive summer in music this single rolls and sways in all the right places. The catchy lyrical phrases push the single along well, but once that hand clap kicks in you are hooked and have to admire that this was the project of one single talented individual. Get over to the Bandcamp and give this a listen yourself while you wait anxiously with the rest of us until the LP release.

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