There were familiar sounds and voices in the room that day even though I couldn’t quite hear them. I couldn’t hear the sounds of shuffling feet or the quiet creaking noises the chairs would make when they would rise or sit. I couldn’t hear the beeping noises of the video games my kid brother would play while they waited. I think on that day someone decided to attempt to use a guitars steady strum as medicine. The other one was yelling with a voice filled with emotion while she tried to comfort him. I wasn’t sure how long the lights had been out. It seemed like a moment in my mind even though my body would make it feel like an eternity. All of these things coming together the video game blips, guitar strums, and those two voices blending behind their music would be the only reason I woke up.

I had a chance to sit down with the three tracks featured on the upcoming Mellows 7″ release It’s In The Stones/Ghostriding this evening due out as a limited 500 copy run on August 21 as a co release between  Royal Rhino Flying Records and Tweaking Trays with a pre-order available here. The project is made up of four unique and talented individuals and features Cory aka Kohwi doing both drum and production duty. The singing voices are Matt and Claire and their combination and chemistry  give the vocals a very folk wood porch built from the overhang of a modern building sound. All of those bleeps and electronic temptations floating throughout are provided by Peter also known as Subvader. With each of these elements the band creates a wide-ranging full sound combining various genres in a flawless unison to create something new and refreshing. It sounds like your favorite old indie band or your favorite new indie band or neither of those all at the same time. This an interesting mixture of sounds that should have you hooked in the first listen and I urge you to check out the three tracks via Bandcamp and get your orders in as you won’t want to miss your chance at one of the 7″s the moment they are released.

They are also planning a small tour soon and if you are in one of these locations get out there and give them a listen.

Aug 21 – Party Expo [w/ Lost Boy, Ivana XL, Food Stamps] – Brooklyn, NY
Aug 22 – Don Pedro’s [w/ Lost Boy + others] – Brooklyn, NY
Aug 23 – Tommy’s Place – Providence, RI
Aug 24 – P.A.’s Lounge – Boston, MA
Aug 25 – Casablanca Hookah – Fairfield, CT
Aug 26 – Ace of Clubs – New York, NY
Aug 28 – Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT
Aug 29 – Houseasaurus Co-op – State College, PA
Aug 30 – The Future – Youngstown, OH
Sept 1 – Savoy – Ypsilanti, MI

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