I was having a busy morning searching the beach for coconuts and shells. The wind was blowing in cool and crisp over the ocean waters as I enjoyed my own private tropical resort. Later in the afternoon I would be sailing the high seas with a band of rugged pirates pillaging each village and ship we would spot in the distance. As the moon was rising we would dock just in time to board a UFO and send ourselves careening through the galaxy at light speed. With the stars out in full glow I would turn in to my bed comfortable in knowing that I never once had to leave my room.

Ben Wagner better known as Hooray! has the ability to spur your imagination with sound. In his latest release Bedroom Adventures he takes you on a journey through a sonic wonderland. Relaxing tropical paced rhythms and electronic zooms and pulses are played against the minimal yet emotional vocal arrangements and samples to great effect. Tracks like The Psychiatrist are serious and deliberate while others such as the closing track King Mario are playful and heart warming. The pacing of the album is solid carrying you through steady mid tempo ambient moments and rhythms that are never too much to handle or too little to entertain. This is a young man well on his way to carving out his on place among his Chillwave and Ambient contemporaries with a prolific catalog already available to dig through and this like his previous releases are not to be missed. The album is available for digital purchase via Bandcamp as can his three previous releases and can also be purchased on cassette through Wonder Beard Tapes. While there be sure to also give a listen to his mind-blowing rendition of Memoryhouse’s Lately as well as you will not regret it.

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