The sky was cloudy and dark as we began to worry about the storm to come. We could hear the rumble just starting to rustle as we watched the funnel forming. While it was still a safe enough distance away we stared on watching the tornado start to build in the horizon. It unwound itself slowly pouring out from the gray and the lightning surrounding it illuminated the earth below. Before we knew it we would be trapped in the sounds of a rushing locomotive and crackling electric energy. The rain was already making its percussive pounding stabs into the grass and across our shingles. We moved back inside and huddled together tightly afraid this storm may never pass.

While doing my recent review of Mellows I was led to another talented electronic artist Peter Wiley who goes by the name Subvader. While his contributions to Mellows seem to be more of an 8-bit format his own solo work turned out to be window rattling Dubstep tracks made for car cruising and bass bumping. Today marked the release of his Riding The Night EP which you can pick up via Bandcamp or Soundcloud. The release is made up of two instrumental tracks filled with raucous electronic melody and catchy hook filled bass lines built for hip winding. While as I age it may be tougher for me to get up and get out on the floor I can’t help but think these could both drive a big room’s soundsystem crazy. The third and what is in my opinion the standout track Now We Leave The Ground features a great vocal hook over the well made beats and bass wobbles and it is currently being remixed by various artists like Stryker. Keep on the look out for those remixes and listen to the EP to hold you over until then.

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