The glass slid across the bar in what seemed like slow motion. It made its way gliding gracefully past the bartender and through a maze of patron’s grabbing hands. The liquid shifted side to side giving it enough momentum to skate its way over the wood and through the cacophony of conversation made by the lost and the lonely. Its reflection was a film captured in a mirror behind row after row of soon to be empty bottles. I suppose the key to its success was that like the customers it too only stayed here to escape and escape it did as it shoved its way over the edge tumbling into the crowd.

Chicago’s Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross make music that you can’t avoid being instantly hypnotized by. They can build a masterpiece from a piano and a solemn vocal meeting up with a sampled yay and dancing with a slow bass and snare beat. This will build gradually adding more layers and warmth to the depth of the track. By the end you are floored and left wanting more. That was only the description of one of the six tracks available on their latest album Blow available via Bandcamp. The other five songs are just as attractive and shining examples of how minimal elements can build gradually one after the other into emotional touching pieces or glass shattering static hiss. It may only have six songs but it should only take one to impress you, consider the rest a gift from them to their listeners.

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