Sean Moore (Viernes), Carlos DeSoto (The Rules) Anthony Cole and Mike Ryan have created something fresh by taking an interesting spin on the retro sounds currently being used on many artist’s albums that anyone wishing to remember the glory days of Steely Dan would be very interested in hearing. While yes they are an Indie band they have chosen to take their talents and comprise an album of yes wait for it… Yacht Rock called Coast. I have a special place in my heart for the genre and after hearing this I am quite pleased to report they take the influence seriously with twinkling keys and superb guitar work. The vocals are relaxed and laid back as they should be and the solo sections really bring the track to life. This track is available as a free download preview to the upcoming album here on Bandcamp.

Also speaking of Sean Moore he also has an album just around the corner as well. He offered me a taste of the final track of the album Ashley which is also available free via his Bandcamp. It is a swirling waltz of a love song giving admiration in a very classic sounding way that features Lane Barrington of The Ocean Floor on drums. He has a great voice that rises and falls relaxing and gaining energy throughout until the final minute of the song. It is at this point everything either falls apart or completely comes together as a full on psychedelic extravaganza that fades out letting you down gently. Very few details on the full albums release but there was a promise of more news to come. While giving this a listen, make sure to check out his cover of R. Stevie Moore’s I’ve Begun To Fall In Love which was featured on the recent Sick Of The Radio’s R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Vol. 3 found here.

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