The snow was falling hard outside and I could still smell the gingerbread from the night before lingering throughout the house. I stumbled my way into the living room finding a small red gift wrapped box with a tiny note saying “I love you”. I knew it was from her and was surprised. She wasn’t one to be able to afford much. I slowly unwrapped the paper unfolding each fold gently. The small white box she had left contained a white and red cassette tape with no print. I took it to the stereo and as I finished side A I realized this was the only gift I would ever be given that I wouldn’t one day forget.

I was introduced to Raindeer last Saturday by someone near and dear to me through the track From The Lagoon. After doing a bit of digging I found his Bandcamp and this six track EP. Raindeer is  Charlie Hughes from Baltimore and the EP turned out to be a very vibrant fun synth pop excursion. After spending a couple of  evenings with it I’m hooked. There is something sugary sweet about the vocal passages and each track is filled with layer after layer of ear capturing electronics. As with many things I choose to review here the release sounds best through headphones allowing you to hear each and every subtle nuance and soak it in. Also while looking for more be sure to pick up the Asapizza Anal Compilation from AMDISCS which features From The Lagoon while you are at it. He has released a very strong first EP as each of the six tracks were so enjoyable I found it hard to choose which to share. I leave you with the final track off the EP and urge you to see how the other five wind up here.

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