The winds were shifting and filled with sand. An infinite amount of tiny shards of broken glass moving across the once grandiose facade of the ancient God’s statue. As both time and the followers continued to expire so did the once proud visage of strength that was built to give hope to a world in need of reassurance. With each new day bringing more trickling fragments of rough edged weaponry both the power and the influence started to retire away from the forgotten God and as we grew older his face began to crumble before our eyes.

Blackbird Blackbird has been a very busy young man in the past few months and was kind enough to send his freshest single Crumble Before My Eyes my way. I had been meaning to talk about the new and free Rarites EP he recently released on Bandcamp and before I could even piece the writeup together was already greeted with this dreamy sun drenched relaxer. If you are familiar with his sound due to his many recent releases and remixes then you will be pleased to hear that while being very fresh it is more of what he does best. If not let me describe the sound to you. A slow steady 60’s back beat and a swirling synth lead their way into his softly sang vocals picking up tempo near midway through and throughout the close. It’s hazy lazy modern psychedelia perfect for those moments you need something to let your mind daydream to.

Also be sure to be on the lookout for the vinyl release of his 17 song full length LP Summer Heart set to be released via Arcade Sound Ltd on September 28th and on cassette September 29th via Wonder Beard Tapes. Just be on the lookout in general as it seems lately he always has a new single/EP/remix or remix of his own work ready to be released.

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