In the vast expansive plains a herd a of gazelle grazes around a small pool unable to sense the watching eyes of the cheetah as it lays in wait. Standing still and patient the graceful cat watches and begins to select its prey. Noticing a smaller weaker beast it begins to silently creep its way up onto those tightening muscular back legs. In an instant the great cat bursts forward catching its victim off guard and sinking its sharp fangs quickly into its throat. The pack scatters as the cheetah carries the recently dead dinner up into a nearby tree and begins to feast.

Slandercat is a new act that recently contacted me with info regarding a fresh EP release called Blood Of A Broom Tree and featured for free via Bandcamp. The EP opens with a short electronic piece featuring a haunting mixture of repeated vocal and minimal sounds pressed over a steady beat. This is a good set up for the rest of the tracks that follow giving you a feel of the lush layered electronic tones to follow. Each of the tracks shows a nice variety while keeping the theme of multiple squelches, blips, and beeps that dance from speaker to speaker. My favorite track from the EP was Broom Tree with its warping intro and heavier drum sounds and whip crack snare moving the track along steadily to the vocal sections to follow. All in all this is a solid six track EP with a new twist on the current relaxed minimal electronic sounds we have all grown to curl up with.

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