I still remember watching his horse gallop along the dimly lit road kicking up dust that dreaded first evening. I was hiding behind some of my father’s crates and peering out stricken with a shivering fear I saw him. He and his horse made up of nothing more than a fine silky blue mist and yet I would never forget the sounds of those thundering hooves as he chased after the poor girl in the white dress. Those pounding bounding clops as each ghostly hoof struck the ground made a rhythm like nothing I had ever heard or would ever hear again.

Headless Horseman is a fresh project from New York featuring the duo of Fareed Sajan and Conner O’Neill. Recently they posted up a Bandcamp featuring five very fresh tracks including the one I am featuring here. Wavlngth is a stunning single for a new band that comes on like a rising wave with get down percussion and a falsetto voice building up to a bursting explosion of sound. Slick catchy vocals and some superb drumming continue to carry the single along which honestly is hard to describe. In essence it’s an Indie Rock track but there are many more elements to it than just that. Much like the recent Craft Spells single Party Talk I can absolutely see this propelling them onto everyone’s radars and I urge you to go over to their Bandcamp and have a listen to each of the five tracks as they are all as varied and well thought out. Get hip to these guys early you won’t regret it.

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