Got a great heads up from Sick Of The Radio about their latest mixtape last night titled Givemelove last night and wanted to give you all a chance to get a listen in. The tape has a great mix of various artists including some GPBP faves like COOLRUNNINGS, Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Hard Mix and Arc Light as well as a lot of new up and coming acts from the Mindless Vinyls label some of which I had heard and some that were fresh to my ears. If you like what you hear be sure to get out there and pick up some releases as well as make a stop by the Sick Of The Radio site which was new to me and filled with great info on various topics other than music giving you tons to browse around and have a look at. Thanks to you guys over there for giving me the direct link as well however I urge you to not just skip over their site for the tape posted here. Go have a look, a read and a listen.

Full track listing as follows

1. Wonderwheel – Crimes


3. Arc Light – Smoke Rings

4. Sleep Over – Your World Is Night

5. The Enchantments – Forever Juice

6. Dan Plaza – A Liter Of Life

7. DiscJockey JoeBloggs – Dance To The DJ

8. Easy Tom – Youth Of Love

9. Hard Mix – Memories

10. Horrigin Shows – Paleobscene I

11. Kiss Kiss Fantastic – Oh Carolina!

12. Paleodd – I’m Broken

13. Wonderwheel – Body Language