I always think of that day when I am near the water. Watching the ripples and waves curl up to the shore. She was only eight years old and I was only twelve. Our parents were off having drinks with their friends and after our dinner we decided to sneak down to the lake for a swim. It was too dark and I couldn’t see her when the currents began to take her away. Their strength twisted and turned her body beneath the cool dark water. I searched for her for as long as I could stand before rushing back to my parents to tell them what had happened. It was on that day that I knew I would never swim again.

Golden Eye’s Golden Eyes Forever EP recently appeared on Bandcamp featuring five psychedelic pop gems. Each track is filled with tons of tiny elements ready to shimmer into your headphones. Every element of each song works together to create a large variety of sounds that helps to separate themselves from the rest of the Indie Rock pack. Steady drums, echoing vocals, and guitars hum and crash without ever becoming too overwhelming making them a perfect end of the summer chorus to send you into the fall. As a credit to Alec Field, who you may remember from Expensive Looks this new project seems creative and energetic and ready to break into the fold and onto your playlists.

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