We had no idea how much we would shape the future with our research. For years we were conducting our experiments hoping for the results we all knew were possible. The eggs were fertile as was the seed and yet something was going wrong. Each new insertion proved to be a challenging blow to both our science and our egos. This game of playing God was  such a testing ground for our combined intelligence. I’ll never know just why he showed up at our lab that day in his strange brown suit. His face was covered by a large white beard and he simply left a note with the key to the puzzles we were attempting to solve each day. It wasn’t long after that we were finally able to do what we had sought after. We had the power to create a life and our greatest achievement would always be that first warm babe.

Pepepiano teased us with his stunning single No Way back in July and recently returned to his Bandcamp to leave us the Babes EP. A colorful combination of electronic experimentation that uses a wide variety of sounds and ideas to tantalize the ears. With the previous single as well as three others I believe you can agree with that statement as you will hear booming bass drums, delicate vocals, and variety of electronic sounds. Each of the four tracks offers up something fresh and different even though some of the things that make them up may seem familiar. Tidbits of hip-hop, obscure samples, vocal sections, and spaced out synth sounds all seem to trickle out at just the right moment. Get over to his Bandcamp now and give the full EP a listen and I’m sure that you will agree when I say this is one of the strongest EP releases of the year.

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