I know she is only a few rooms away. Her family and bridesmaids are all huddled around her attempting to help her adjust her dress and pulling and tugging at her hair. I’m staring in the mirror in the first and last tuxedo I may ever wear before I will be laid into the ground. My hands are shaking uncontrollably and my stomach is twisting itself into knots. It isn’t that I am afraid to commit. I think the problem is that I’m afraid that I won’t be able to give her the life or the love she deserves.

Last Tuesday the 24th marked the release of the new Atlantic At Pacific LP Weddings on Alchemist Records. These relaxing ocean breeze synth vibes come from Austin Wood out of Santa Cruz and while the tracks are instrumental they have no trouble finding a voice of their own. I was allowed to preview two tracks from the album which were the title track Weddings and another titled Drifting. Weddings slowly shakes you awake beforeĀ  introducing you to a steady thumping beat and ethereal swirling synths and quick trickling keys that tumble like rain. Drifting keeps the synth sounds coming and hovers on top of a tribal like drum beat working itself into and out of a tripped out almost psychedelic breakdown. From what I can tell you can expect the same top-notch instrumentation in each of the thirteen tracks on the full length. Sorry for the late info but if you are quick enough you can still catch the great deal on this album’s limited edition release for only $8 so rush over and snag it up asap if you are anywhere near as interested in this release as I am.



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