You wake up already exhausted and head in to your dead-end low paying back-breaking job. All that is on your mind is making enough money to keep food in your stomach and your bills paid. Eight hour days five days a week and you have a double hernia that will never be fixed because it costs more to do so then you can make in a year. You break down more each day slowly dragging your feet towards your meeting with the reaper. The worry is constant and it’s keeping you from sleeping, so you smoke or you drink and you hope that one day those problems will go away. All of these things resting on your shoulders and yet you still can have a smile on your face knowing she still loves you and at least you are still breathing.

Emay is back in fine form with his latest single If You’re Breathing which he both wrote and produced. The beats are obviously excellent as it is no big secret that this young man is a talented producer and remix artist (Just have a listen to this or this). He is such a talented producer that I think most people seem to forget to mention that he is also a force to be reckoned with when he picks up the mic. If you were one of those people this track will remind you with its smoothly laid out lyrical flows blending in perfectly with the tight beats and great sample of Snowglobe. After letting me know you can pick this new single up on his Bandcamp he also mentioned some projects in the works with Star Slinger and Blackbird Blackbird which already has me excited to hear those as well as his own upcoming solo LP which he is also writing and producing.

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