Our bodies are pressed tightly together and I can smell her sweet perfume rising up in the heat. My breath is warm against her neck as we move to the pulsating rhythms and deep bass drum thumps that shake the furniture in the room. Our hands explore each other in the flashing lights moving along each others bodies and reaching up to the sky. We are both young and beautiful and unable to resist each other. It is at this moment our chests come together and I feel our hearts beating out to each other at the tempo of the music. The song slowly winds down signaling the end of the party and together we clasp hands and begin our journey into the night.

This new EP from Atlanta’s Roman Photos couldn’t have a better title to describe the sounds contained within. There are four tracks of  sexy synth filled flashback house music found on the Into The Night EP on Double Phantom Records mixing the sounds of today with the sounds of yesterday perfectly. A smooth blend of eighties robotic electronic synth washes and a club thumping four four beat come together to drive the smooth subtle vocal passages along and get you moving. The songs are very electronic without feeling detached or without a soul and instead greet the listener with a funky get down ready for the dance floors of the future. This EP is available free via Bandcamp to give you a nice taste of what is too come when the 7″ releases soon on Army Of Bad Luck. Be sure to keep an eye on the release and tempt your body to move with the EP until it does.

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