We were only children the first time I saw her and I already had a feeling that I would grow old with her. She was in her polka-dotted  summer dress standing with her friends and I remember them separating to each start their way home. I was sitting quietly reading as I often did back then afraid that she would never notice me as she was the most beautiful young lady that I had ever had the pleasure of seeing and I started to worry with anticipation when I saw her coming my way. I’m much older now and I’m still sitting outside on our porch while she makes our breakfast reading in the warm sun wondering what would have happened if I hadn’t had the courage to speak up reach for her hand and ask “May I walk with you?”

It should be no secret that I have become a fan of Star Slinger’s work after featuring one of his tracks as my second ever post. Since then he has been hard at work creating and refining the sound that he has become known for. On his latest track May I Walk With You? which is to be featured on his next album Volume 2 he changes direction a bit without ever missing a beat on his trademark version of sample chopped beat laden hip hop. Built around an unexpected sample from Life Without Buildings song The Leanover he has created a very polished piece of deep thought-provoking instrumental hip hop. The beats are solid with a deep vibrating bass tone and hand clap snares and cymbal taps in all the right places. I definitely look forward to see what he comes up with next for the album after hearing this preview and you should too.

Not willing to rest while he completes Volume 2 he is also working on some new collaborative efforts and has done some very solid remix work for both Alpine’s Icypoles and added his touch to the most recent Small Black single Photojournalist. Both remixes sound distinctly like his own work without taking away too much from the original elements of the artists tracks. They are unique and at the same time just a subtle re-rub like a graffiti signature saying Star Slinger was here just enough so that you notice. Both remixes as well as the May I Walk With You? single can be found on his Bandcamp page and I believe after you hear the previews of them here you too will want to dig a bit further into his catalog as this is a just a very small sample of one of the most creative artists working with beat manipulation I’ve been witness too since the glory days of Ninja Tune.

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