There isn’t much to do in this little one horse town. The handful of teenagers growing up here also grow restless. They grow restless of their meaningless lives that will lead to either the oilfield or into the business their parents or grandparents own. They grow restless of each other and their teenage points of view. They grow restless of their bodies and the ways they can intertwine them with each other or manipulate their minds with drugs and drink. They grow restless of growing restless and so they gas up their tanks and they cruise their nights away.

Ben Wagner has been anything but lazy this year already releasing Bedroom Adventures under his previous Hooray! moniker on cassette via Wonder Beard Tapes and digitally via Bandcamp. With his new ego Craig Cruiser which I first heard via Tubing and then later on the AMDISCS Asapizza Anal Compilation he has released a double-sided digital full length release that spins his sound in two different electronic directions from the previous effort I just mentioned. While being different however he spares no quality other than the fact that the Craig Cruiser album delivers two very distinct changes in pace from side to side. Samples and tape hiss collide with homemade drum beats to create a very fresh electronic get down sound or a mind altering drone perfectly fit for a headphone head change. Side A which is Cruising The Night Away is an upbeat hip sway of experimental electronics and even a touch of instrumental hip-hop that could work well on any dance floor. Side B Adventures In Slumberland is a bit darker and more mellow with a much more introspective tone. All in all this is a quality release from someone not afraid to experiment with various elements of sound to see what he is able to produce with this musical stew. I suggest you get on this download here asap as you never know how long it may or may not be there and get ready for a new and exciting adventure into the world of Craig Cruiser.

Jungle Jam

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